Originally starting out as Senate Bill 24, and later incorporated as sections and passed within a larger piece of legislation (Senate Bill 811), YourHealthCT and its partners successfully worked on advocating for language to be included in the legislation that provided consumers the ability to easily access and understand the drug formulary information offered in health plans offered on the exchange.

This language also resulted in the requirement of the Department of Insurance reviewing plans offered each year to ensure they are in compliance with the Affordable Care Act non-discrimination policies.

In the coming year we will be focusing on more access related issues including protection against changes made to drug coverage during the plan year.  Consumers need to know that the coverage they sign up for will be the coverage they keep! 

We will be keeping an eye on what’s happening at the state capitol, helping you know what’s happening and how to lend your own voices to the conversation so make sure you sign up to receive updates and alerts!