About YourHealthCT

YourHealthCT was founded on the belief that Connecticut residents deserve access to quality health care and medicines.

Our coalition of patients, health advocacy groups, and business and community organizations is committed to working together to advocate for quality health care and provide a place where patients, caregivers and others can find resources and information on current health care topics and learn how to engage to make their voices heard.

YourHealthCT.org provides:

  • Information on a variety of current health care coverage topics
  • Opportunities to advocate for and engage in state policy and legislation 
  • Resources to contact your state leaders
  • Contact information for state-wide patient advocacy groups
  • News and updates

YourHealthCT believes it is time to remove the roadblocks and barriers that people across the state face when it comes to accessing quality health care. By working together, we can help end these frustrations and ensure that consumers are able to receive the medicines and care they deserve.

Once you’ve read the information provided on our site, we encourage you to Get Involved!