Advocating for Access to

Quality Health Care Throughout Connecticut

YourHealthCT is working to ensure that Connecticut consumers have access to the most comprehensive quality health care and prescription drug coverage possible. Here you will find information and resources on a variety of Connecticut health care coverage topics, as well as opportunities to advocate for and engage in current state policy and legislation that matters to you.

YourHealthCT and its partners continue to advocate for consumers to receive the medications they need to live their daily lives.  This includes access to health plan formulary information in an easy to understand format and review of the formulary structure in plans offered.  We also continue to advocate for protection against changes made to health plan drug formularies in the middle of the plan year.

We invite you to explore more of the site and find new information and resources on:

  • How to contact the Office of the State Health Care Advocate
  • How to find and reach your state senator and representatives
  • Links to our partners and programs
  • Links to Clinical Trials occurring in Connecticut
  • Links to reports on new medicines currently in development

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